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AHS Courses in Media Tech Academy 2021


10th – Grade Introduction to Web & Social

Course Description 

This course will introduce students to the integration of various media into programming assignments including Web assignments. Students will also be introduced to the basic design elements used in interactive media. Other topics include encoding methods, using media design and editing software, animation and drawing software as well as image editors and three-dimensional design. Online content delivery process will be outlined as well as establishing online presence and e-commerce capabilities and Web security. Simple coding assignments using HTML and Cascading Style Sheets are used to teach basic Web design including the use of images, hyperlinks, tables, forms, video and audio.


11th – Grade Intermediate Web & Social Media Design & Programming

Course Description

This course allows students to work on various projects such as Web-based businesses, e-portfolios, and mobile apps. Students will learn to create multimedia productions and presentations, implement standard graphical programming techniques for object movement, create graphical user interfaces, and apply graphic design principles and visual communication techniques. Other topics include capturing images by developing camera skills and making choices lenses, depth, motion and lighting, developing digitally generated and enhanced media, modeling, simulation, animation and image retouching


Additional Course Offering: Game Design and AP Computer Science A will be offered but dependent on student interest. 

12th Grade – Advanced Web & Social Media Design & Programming

Course Description

This course allows students to produce multimedia projects from concept (content gathering/research) to project completion (authoring/transmission) taking into account media that would be used by enterprises or mobile apps for marketing, corporate communication, and public use. As part of these projects students produce professional-level media, images, documents, audio, and video clips and software. Some projects might include Artificial Intelligence methods and behaviors to create web robots (bots) such as chat bots, etc.