Students must attend classes online during the scheduled time on our Distance Learning Schedule. Students need to log into their Microsoft Teams account and attend the video conference with their class. Attendance is taken each period. Three full-day absences or 21-period absences results in communication by site staff/administration. Students who are truant aren’t eligible to do extracurricular activities/sports upon hybrid-full return to campus.



    1. Be Respectful
      1. School/District dress codes still apply while participating in instructional video sessions.
      2. Do your best to choose/create a dedicated workspace for learning, be mindful about distractions. Remember, everyone can see you.
      3. Use appropriate language in all communication situations (video, audio, email, social media, etc.).
      4. Displaying or sharing material that is hate speech, sexually explicit, profane, or violent is not acceptable
      5. Bullying in any form (including cyberbullying), discrimination, or harassment is not acceptable.
      6. When speaking and using the chat feature during a video session:
        1. Make respectful comments, showing respect for all cultures, opinions, and viewpoints. Think before posting!
        2. Demonstrate the same courtesy that you would use when interacting in the classroom.
    • Physically raise your hand, or use the raise hand feature, when you want to speak during the session and wait to be acknowledged before speaking.
    1. Remember that all caps (“I’M SHOUTING”) and exclamation points (“Give me a break!!!”) can be misinterpreted as intense anger or humor without the appropriate context.


    1. Be Responsible
      1. Your video camera should be turned on during an online session (unless otherwise directed, or upon mutual agreement with the teacher).
      2. Please mute your microphone during a video session unless you have been recognized to speak.
      3. Be on time and present, just as you would be in your regular school classroom. Do not leave early unless there is a legitimate emergency.
      4. Establish a daily routine for your school day and have your learning materials ready.
      5. Contribute and show engagement.
      6. Complete the work outlined by your teachers and seek clarification for any assignments.
      7. Read directions multiple times to avoid missing important details.
    2. Be Safe
      1. Practicing cyber safety includes not making your profile public, not speaking to strangers, not sharing personal information, and not sharing your camera or photos.
      2. If you would like to use a chat feature, remember that it is public, and a record of the chat will be saved.
      3. Follow all AUSD Technology Use Guidelines (Administrative Regulation 6163.4).
      4. Audio or video-recording with any technology (i.e. cellphones, cameras, recorders and/or computer features) is prohibited unless there is prior approval from everyone involved as per California Education Code 51512.
      5. Just as with students, remember that images, recordings, and representations of the likeness of teachers and staff may not be displayed or shared without the permission of the teacher or staff member.